10 reasons why you should not restrict your calorie intake

Much is said about the low-calorie diets and how effective they are; although strictly carrying them can make us achieve the objectives, but without medical supervision, they can lead to dangerous risks to health when the rate is below the consumption of 1200 calories a day. Find out more below!

Losing weight without risks

If it is the idea of lowering your caloric intake to lose weight you like, you can do it without risk, decreasing the daily calories intake; for this, you must reduce your usual diet by 500 calories. The 1800-calorie diet plan is usually suitable for most people.

There is an equation proposed by the University of Maryland Medical Center to find out how many calories you should consume daily. If you are an active person you must multiply the weight you want to reach by 15; but if you have a sedentary life, then do it by 12.

The consequences of consuming fewer calories

It is important to know the reason why you put your health at risk by restricting your calories drastically. The problem is that when the body does not get the usual caloric intake, energy begins to take the tissues.

This also leads to your body to burn more amount of muscle fat, which in turn slows down your metabolism preventing lose weight, and the last but not the least, to weaken the bone system, you will be more likely to suffer from diseases such as osteoporosis.

Side effects of calorie restriction

If you consume less than 1200 calories per day inevitably you are hungry, but you could also experience the following symptoms:

1- Weakness
2- Fatigue
3- Cold intolerance
4- Irregular menstrual periods
5- Dizziness
6- Constipation
7- Swelling of the hands and feet
8- Gallstones
9- Risk of malnutrition
10- Gout (crystals accumulation in a joint due to a high uric acid in the blood)

A very low-calorie diet can cause you to suffer from disorders such as gallstones that will require a surgery. And, as expected, any diet lacking in vitamins, proteins, and electrolytes can lead to malnutrition.

Have you had consequences for restricting your caloric intake? Share with us your experience!