7 Signs for Detecting Ovarian Cancer Early Women Should not Ignore

ovarian cancer picture
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Ovarian cancer is a silent cancer that can attack a woman and indeed the fifth cancer that strikes women mercilessly causing more death than other cancers that affect the reproductive area of a woman. It is important to take good care with frequent visits at least every two years to a gynecologist, because when the cancer is advanced it is more difficult to treat and precisely because it is so quiet that it is discovered when it is too late.

According to studies in recent years, only 50% of women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer manages to live five years after theĀ first diagnosis. Most of the casesĀ of ovarian cancer are detected at an advanced stage when it is too late. According to expert studies, when ovarian cancer is detected early the woman has a 95% chance to survive and it can be removed completely.

Although ovarian cancer occurs mostly in older women about 50 years, this does not mean it can not appear in younger women, meaning that any woman is at risk of developing this cancer but especially women 65 and older are at highest risk with highest mortality rate.

Diagnosis of ovarian cancer

This silent cancer is quite difficult to detect is the early stages if you do not have the constant care and check-up with your doctor, so we recommend that you get every couple of years medical exams as an axial ultrasound or a blood test called CA-125 or whatever your doctor recommends.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

It is important to know some signs and symptoms that have been linked to on ovarian cancer and pay attention to these for you to promptly go to a specialist for a medical check-up. The following are the signs that can warn of a possible ovarian cancer.

1. Back pain: if you’re not used to feeling a lot of pain in the lower back and suddenly begin to feel them for no reason, this may be a warning sign for cancer of the ovary.

2. Pain in the pelvis: this can be a fairly clear and important signal of ovarian cancer, so if feeling frequent pain with no explanation, it is recommended that you visit your doctor to rule out ovarian cancer.

3. Digestive symptoms: often when you notice these red flags: indigestion, constipation much for several days with abdominal discomfort and cramps, visit your doctor for a diagnosis.

4. Bloating or abdominal distension: the stomach can become inflamed for many reasons and types of diseases, but when you feel the inflamed stomach but your belly is growing too and if you happen more frequently this may indicate a possible ovarian cancer so see your doctor.

5. Uncontrollable and frequent urination: if frequently some time now you start to urinate all the time and you can not control that desire, it can be that something is not right. This urination is usually accompanied by pain and burning. This indicates that there is a weakness in the pelvic floor or perhaps an infection in the urinary tract, so you should consult your doctor promptly, as it is one of the most common symptoms that ovarian cancer can cause.

6. Increase in weight or weight loss for no reason: losing weight sometimes makes many women feel happy and cheerful, but when it is inexplicable it may be another thing. If you do not follow any type of diet or exercise to lose weight or you are not eating more than you commonly eat, sudden weight loss or weight gain is not normal. This may be a possible symptom of ovarian cancer.

7. Feeling very tired: when you have many health problems, your body and mind can feel some level of fatigue, a symptom that can commonly be due to the condition of ovarian cancer, which leads to that tiredness during the day with little energy and signs of weakness.

Other possible symptoms you should consider:

– Constant anemia constant;
– Many nausea and vomiting;
– Frequent pain in the stomach.