Copper IUD or Mirena IUD? An IUD for each type of woman

The decision to choose a birth control method is one of the most important to the health of women. For women with a stable relationship, the IUD is one of the most comfortable and safe methods, both the copper and the Mirena.

Both systems have similar operating mechanism consisting of a T – shaped standing inside the cervix and blocks the passage of sperm. The difference is that while the copper IUD is a purely mechanical system, the Mirena IUD involves using hormones.

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of IUD

The copper IUD is ideal for women who do not want a hormonal method system. It provides greater security than condoms or diaphragm, other devices without hormones, besides being more convenient, because after placement can be maintained up to three years. The disadvantages of this system against the Mirena are mainly less effective, plus it increases bleeding and duration of menstruation.

In contrast, the Mirena IUD can reduce or even eliminate menstrual bleeding, because of the action of progesterone. Hormones can help you manage irregular periods or improve problems such as menorrhagia. However, the Mirena IUD may cause increased hormone drop, causing problems such as weight gain according to Wellness Community DC, hair loss or headaches, besides having a price you can bend the copper IUD.

The difference between the performance of the copper IUD and the Mirena IUD makes each system suitable for different women. In each case, you should be informed and consult gynecologist what the contraceptive method most recommended to the situation and follow directions and precautions.