Four Important Ways To Lower Your Risk Of Bladder Cancer: Do What You Can Now

Although cancer remains much of a medical mystery, doctors and scientists have learned many ways you may be able to reduce your risk of developing some forms. Bladder cancer, while not preventable because not enough is known about it, does seem to show up under certain conditions more often than not. Here is what is known and how you may be able to lower your risk:

1. Don’t smoke: Smoking increases your risk for every type of cancer there is, including bladder cancer. There are new products available to help you quit, so ask your doctor to work with you in putting an end to this deadly habit.

2. Manage your weight: Some cancers seem to appear more frequently in people who are overweight, therefore, staying within a healthy guideline may reduce your risk. Exercise, watch what you eat and control the stress in your life, to make managing weight easier.

3. Drink more water. The bladder functions as a filter and as such, is aided by the flushing action induced by water. Hydration is important to your entire body, so now you have one more reason to enjoy more of it, not to mention the fact that water can help control your appetite, if you need to manage weight.

4. Know what you’re being exposed to. Bladder cancer, in some cases, is believed to be caused by exposure to certain toxins. They could be in your tap water or at your job. Investigate the possibilities, so you are in the best position to protect yourself.

Bladder cancer, like most types of cancer, can strike anyone under any circumstances, but you may be less likely to receive a diagnosis if you take these specific actions. Follow your doctor’s advice and take the best possible care of yourself, starting today. It is also important that you know the symptoms of bladder cancer so that you can seek medical attention at the earliest. Read about that onĀ Bladder Cancer Symptoms for Men and Women –