Getting Rid of Heavy Metals Naturally from the Body

We often hear of the harmful effects of heavy metals in our body, but do we know what they are? Why are they so harmful? How can we remove them our body? This article will clarify these doubts to be able to naturally prevent and treat many health problems caused by heavy metals, with the help of foods and natural supplements like chlorella, coriander, garlic or magnesium.

What are heavy metals?

Heavy metals are chemical elements that, to a greater or lesser extent, are part of the structure of everything around us; from the crust of the earth to our body: iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, aluminum, arsenic, lead, mercury etc. The problem is when they accumulate in the body in excessive amounts, they poison us progressively. Similarly, when these metals are emitted in different ways, they can remain in the environment for centuries.

How do they enter our body?

All around us, the heavy metals are present in multiple ways. We highlight some of the most common:

– Lead pipes
– Large blue fish like salmon, tuna or swordfish
– Mercury thermometers (breaking)
– Mercury dental amalgams
– Light bulbs (breaking)
– Aluminum cookware
– Pesticides
– Conventional hygiene products and cosmetics
– Gasoline combustion
– Cigarette
– Food additives
– Water from mines and industries and other sewage

What are the consequences on health?

Heavy metals are very difficult to remove from the body, and therefore accumulate over time as we are exposed to them. Since ancient times, doctors have documented the symptoms of people who are exposed to them. Some of the effects on health are:

– Cancer
– Liver and kidney disease
– Abnormalities during pregnancy
– Developmental delays
– Autism
– Autoimmune diseases
– Joint diseases
– Alterations of the nervous system and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s
– Endocrine disorders
– Allergies

As you can see, these consequences are serious enough for us to perform cleanup of heavy metals.

How to remove them naturally?

The treatment to remove heavy metals naturally is based on the following organic supplements, which have chelating properties, ie they bind to heavy metals and crawl out of our body. They also have the advantage of having no side effects.

– Chlorella algae : this algae has a very powerful detoxifying effect of all kinds of harmful substances, not just heavy metals, mainly due to its high content of chlorophyll. It will be the main ingredient of this treatment.
– Cilantro (coriander): this herb has been traditionally used as seasoning. In addition to its chelating properties, it contains a lot of vitamins, especially vitamins A and K, and some B, C and E.
– Garlic : this medicinal food, recommended for many diseases, will also be very useful in this treatment. Its components help purifying and drag many kinds of toxins out of our body.
– Magnesium : This mineral has no chelating properties, but it will be very useful to facilitate the removal of toxic elements.